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We have mounts from all over the world in our Log Cabin showroom & store

Walleyes waiting for customers to pick up.  Jim & the crew put out a batch of Walleye like this about every other month. Other fish species done in between. Along with all the birds, deer heads and life size mounts going all the time.

Jim is known for his beautiful work on his Deerheads.

All these mounts are customer work.

Your Mount is worth a life time of memories and we'll treat it that way!

Jim has mounted Bears from all over.

This has become a customer favorite!! We always have extra Reproduction Perch available to add to any mount.


Jim Wendt, Certified Master Taxidermist

Todd Wendt, Taxidermist

Meg Goff, Taxidermist

Pat Wendt, Office Mgr.

Trout from

Rockwell Springs Trout Club

Castalia, OH

Jim's Taxidermy

2133 E. Harbor Rd.

Port Clinton, OH 43452

(419) 734-4224


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